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August’s father was a monster hunter. His father’s father was a monster hunter. Now he carries on the traditions of old with their sword and their shield, protecting the world from evil. Suddenly, his job becomes more than just killing the odd gangler. Things much bigger than him envelop him, and he is whisked into contact with an organization of magical girls who look a lot younger than they are. And they tell him …

Penny is a good child to her parents. She respects them. She loves them. So when they die, and monsters almost kill her, she can’t hold it in any longer. A mysterious power awakens inside of her. A fairy contacts her, and brings her into touch with an organization that tells her she is …

Elyse was kicked out of her home. Called a monster. With her white hair and red eyes, maybe she is one. She invents, she alchemizes, and she sleeps on the roadway because she doesn’t care anymore. Because of her intelligence, and because of her genius, she is called upon by a three-hundred year old commander of an army who tells her that …

They, August, Elyse, and Penny, are the heroes to save the world. 


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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